Recent worldwide developments with the pandemic leave locksmiths uncertain as to our future and of many trades and industries.

But one thing is certain, things have changed for locksmiths and we need to adapt.

Factors to take into account are things like, which jobs to take on due to safety and what procedures to put in place to safeguard yourself when attending a locksmith job.

Many factors in the locksmith trade have changed

The main issues we are experiencing in Locksmithing

Reduced workload for lock engineers

During the peak in full lockdown, many locksmiths and other trades experienced a downturn in demand for locksmiths services.

What with clients fearing contamination from locksmiths entering their property. Most people not leaving the house, and thus not locking themselves out as much.

This may continue for some time yet as more people are working from home.

None urgents will be delayed – the key to riding it out

None urgent jobs (like realigning a door or changing locks on a new house) may be put off. Resulting in locksmiths’ workload being slower for the immediate future.

Although most kids are back at school a lot of people are working from home more now.

so doors and locks go unused, meaning less wear and less work for locksmiths. Fewer break-ins because people are home more, also means less demand for locksmiths

Commercial property, used less now, a great portion of locksmiths work as commercial have more doors and more keyholders,

resulting in more keys being lost. Take all these factors into account and you see why our trade is slower now.

If homeowners and business owners aren’t using their locks, it’s simple economics, supply and demand.

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New traders entering the game to unlock potential earnings

Unfortunately, as things start to reopen and the world tries to move forward

there will be a huge increase in unemployment, which will see an influx of new locksmiths starting up.

As seen in previous unemployment people are enticed into new trades like locksmiths which means more competition. Many won’t stay but the impact is very real and present.

The future isn’t locked in – what to expect

The downturn in employment and reduced businesses working in offices you can expect a downturn in your turnover

and some quiet times ahead but if you use the slower times wisely you should be ok. Take the time you have and use it to your advantage with a new website

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