We received a call out to a customer door all locked up. When we arrived at the property I noticed straight away that door had dropped, I said to the customer any problems leading up to the locked door and they replied well was getting harder to pull handles up and the key was hard to turn. A telltale sign the UPVC door needed adjusting and re-aligning.

I started to repair the door firstly having to open the locked door which was a job on its own but once open I could see the gearbox mechanism had broken where the handle goes through the door, caused by stress put on the handle.So I had to change the gearbox mechanism,  both handles, the euro cylinder and realign the door all because the door was let to get worse and stiff. This job cost the customer £315 but if they’d called when the door had started to get stiff it would have been just £40 pounds.


uPVC doors have expensive parts I.e gearbox mechanisms and even some of the sets of handles are expensive too. I take pride in my job and do a good job for a fair price and hate to give customers big Bill’s. Even if they had called in the first place which is just the price of a call could have saved the money and heartache when they have a big bill. The motto is if doesn’t feel right give us the professionals a call before it’s too late and your whole door sticks with a failing machanism.


Locksmiths aren’t just there for when you can’t gain access we are also there as a maintenance and preventative measure so please don’t leave it too late, if you have a stiff lock get in touch so the higher bill can be avoided