A recent callout to a flat which was privately rented, the customer had their lost keys so I picked the lock and gained entry without any damage and noticed a problem.  Because the law has changed I couldn’t fit the lock which was already in due to fire regulations which have changed. So old mortice lock has to be replaced with mortice lock to suit either oval or euro cylinder with thumb turn ON BACK ..so if ever there’s a fire you don’t need to look for your keys you just turn thumb turn lock and you can leave very easily. So we had to get the consent of the landlord to pay for the new handles new mortice lock adapter to suit the new lock I was going to fit.

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Everything must be fire rated when fitting any security to a flat. So obviously there are a lot more costly options but the landlord has no choice to pay for new parts because if I changed a lock that had keys lost for the same lock I could get prosecuted for not following the right standards needed for fire doors. I explained to the landlord and he was more than happy to pay the cost of locks and handles with no fuss and he also had another flat in the same block and asked to look and check that one. I did and changed exactly the same security so all up to the proper standards and fire rate tested too. The customer said she didn’t even know about the law change and I replied it’s up to me to point problems out, happy customers once more job is done.


Always get a reputable locksmiths to carry out your work otherwise you could be putting your life in danger