Received a call this evening saying the customer was having problems with two of his safes. One was what I call a cheap overnight safe and the other was a vintage very heavy quite difficult to pick. On arrival as suspected on the cheap safe the backup battery had run out of power, these safes actually beep to let you know low battery but the client hadn’t taken any notice of it. There are 3 different ways into these safes with out damaging them for obvious reasons I keep them to myself.  I took the cover plate off and there was a secondary lock but where were the client’s keys , yes you guessed it, locked in the safe

emergency safe cracking

So I picked this safe very quickly and replaced the battery and gave my client the backup keys. Then on to the second safe, I’ve got a set of professional picks and it took me just 20 minutes to pick this one. I opened the lock and noticed straight away the lock was loose and very worn, plus the key to the safe was damaged. So ordered a new lock and got a spare key cut for it as well and works as it should now. So two safes opened no damage just a new lock and set of keys.


Another happy customer – all in a days work for expert Locksmiths in Dudley